Where do I go from here?

I am lost in a desert

Without a compass to find my way

Wandering, lonely and helpless

I am Far from family, friends and loved ones

Will I ever find my way home?

I have nowhere to go

No signal of hope or survival

I am lost with no hope of returning.


Like season you come and go

Like mist you appear and disappear

Like fiction you exist only in my imagination

Like a dream soon to be awaken from

Like a spectator my heart yearn for more

Soon to realise, that like a flame you are here now

The next seconds gone and nowhere to be found


The best ingredient for any meal is the cook.

The best ingredient foe success is self-will.

The will to dream, to endure the heat, to be unique.

The will to re-strategise.

Regardless of the cheers, our greatest motivation comes from being our own cheer leader.

Then like the legendary “Olu” we can say

“I must succeed! I shall succeed! I will succeed!”